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Eye Care Management Software

ECMS is a web based enterprise application designed to automate all the activities in an eye clinic or hospital from patient’s medical record management to inventory management such as drugs, frames, lenses etc and generating of financial reports. ECMS manages the core sections of an eye hospital which include, patient diagnosis and medications, Inventory and financial management.

it is built to co-ordinate the activities and also manage information flow within these sections. In addition, ECMS is also designed to manage mulitple hospital branches, this enables the managment of this different branches form a central location.

As a web based application, ECMS is hosted in the cloud and highly secured giving you access to all patients information and financial data anywhere.


Medical Info Management
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient appointments
  • Patient medical record management such as, case history, CVF, IOP, Examination, Refractions, Lens prescription , Image uploads etc
  • Generate medical reports
  • Generate patient bills and debts
Inventory Management
  • Stock Items management
  • Inventory order management
  • Purchase received / Returns transactions
  • Sales/ Returns transactions
  • Stock items transfer
  • Generate patient cash receipts
  • Tracking of stock items and generating of stock reports
  • Automatic journal entries
  • Tracking of journal posting from inventory, sales, expenses etc
  • View daily and monthly trial balances
  • Manage hospital chart of account
  • Generate balance sheet report
  • Generate income statment

Bellbooks Accounting Software

Bellbooks is a full-featured and easy to use windows based accounting software, designed to manage your organisation every day financial activities.

It allows detailed tracking of financial transactions, generates financial reports and allows you to monitor the financial health of your business. It helps your organisation make better financial decisions.


  • Setting up and maintaining organization chat of account
  • Journal posting module for making daily journal posting
  • Fiscal year and Accounting periods setup
  • Tracking of journal posting by journal type, staff, date, GL account etc.
  • Generate General Ledger report
  • Generate Income statement
  • Generate daily and monthly trial balance
  • Generate GL Accounts balances
  • Generate Balance Sheet Report